We all have so much on our plates that we can sometimes be left with only a little bit of time to dedicate to studying. You can’t make any more time out of your day other than 24 hours, as noted in Flipping Heck’s article, “5 Tips For More Productive Study Time”.

The secret is to maximize the use of each hour, each minute, and each second of the time you have set aside for study. In other words, find ways to become more productive with the limited study time that you have in a day.

Prioritize your studying spot

You’ll want to take a serious look at the studying space that you are relying on, as this space is what is going to determine how successful you actually are.

Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Make it a designated studying space where all you do there is study
  • Keep it distraction-free – no smartphone or TV
  • Rely on planning tools to help determine your study objectives
  • Make a list of studying to-dos and put it up in the study space

Multi-tasking can be extremely distractive. However, when it comes to studies, there are those things that you can do simultaneously, such as taking notes during a call, or researching a topic and writing about it. It won’t help to read about it first, only to come and write about it later on.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you need any more suggestions, take a look at Flipping Heck’s article here!

SOURCE: Flipping Heck

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