Human beings are emotional creatures. These emotions are often responsible for creating problems or having close-knit relationships with people. But emotions can often impact our lives in ways that aren’t so obvious in the beginning.

Two options… or more?

As mentioned in Psychology Today‘s “How to Better Manage Your Emotions”, your emotions can make you feel as though you only have two options in life: to withdraw from a situation that makes you uncomfortable or to grow a thicker skin.

However, there are are more options, and it’s all about taking control of your emotions:

  • Stay in charge of your emotions instead of letting them run you
  • Don’t let an interaction with someone ruin your day
  • Understand your reactions for what they are (and the core emotion behind it)

For more tips and support on how to be in charge of your emotions and enjoy a happier life overall, take a look at Psychology Today‘s article here.

SOURCE: Psychology Today

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