Email is just another form of communication in our fast-moving world, but not a lot of people actually focus on the power that it can offer when you put it to work for you.

If you want to find yourself more successful — career-wise and just in general — it could offer you the power to boost yourself to that next level.

Core positive ways to use email

As mentioned in Inc.’s article “Want More Success With Little Extra Effort? Send These 6 Emails Each Week”, there are some target areas to rely on to boost yourself up higher in your life. These include:

  • The follow-up email: At the end of a meeting, it can be helpful for everyone if you consider sending a follow-up email with the main points discussed so that everyone is clear on what will happen. They’ll appreciate your professionalism, too.
  • The appreciation email: If someone does something nice for you at the office, feel free to send them a note thanking them. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or overly emotional. Just a simple thank you to let them know that you appreciate their kindness.
  • The friendly coworker: Building connections with coworkers means staying in touch with them. Try to reach out to a coworker and let them know that you’re in this together.

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