Whether it’s the kitchen, the bathroom or bedroom (or all three), junk drawers are part of a passage into adulthood. From rubber bands to batteries to forks, they can contain a little mishmash of everything in your home. But they’re so annoying in terms of looking for that one thing that is always on the bottom.

Defeat the junk drawer by taking its chaotic power away one step at a time.

Decluttering, one item at a time

Understand that “junk” is really a bunch of individual things.

When attacking that drawer, it’s important to remember that junk drawers get their power from the collection of random categories. Redesigning that chaos means that you can be in charge instead. To help, try being practical in your plan:

  1. Use baskets to reorganize the drawer
  2. Throw out or get rid of what you don’t want
  3. Consider adding drawer liners
  4. Get inspiration from Marie Kondo

As “7 Tips to Conquer the Dreaded Junk Drawer Once and For All” by Hunker will tell you, getting in charge of your mess is as simple as breaking it down into steps. Keep it up by reading all about it in the original post.

SOURCE: Hunker

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