The abundance of things to learn in this digital age is staggering. Even if you seriously limit your selection, there aren’t enough hours in a week to learn even a fraction of what you’d like.

As information becomes more readily accessible online, the number of things we want to learn is only continuing to increase. And the only variable we can control is the amount of time we spend learning them,” writes author Sean Kim in an article published in The Next Web.


Mr. Kim’s article covers fundamental notions that will help you learn any subject matter much quicker :

  • Model an expert who’s been there and don’t reinvent the wheel;
  • Deconstruct the skills that will deliver 80 percent of results;
  • Stop multitasking;
  • Practice, practice, practice, then seek immediate feedback;
  • Go long and don’t quit before or during the dip.

SOURCE:  The Next Web

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