When you need to start a fire, you don’t have the time or energy to do it the old-fashioned way. So, give those skills an upgrade with modern tips on how to start a fire outside.

A proper understanding of your needs

As mentioned in Outdoor Life’s article, “How to Start a Fire: The Ultimate Guide to Modern Fire Building”, a key detail is to remember that different kinds of fire builds will give you different perks. For example, a tipi is best for warming a person who is close by. A classic log cabin footprint is going to reduce flare-ups and burn much steadier, giving you more free time to do whatever comes next. From there, focus on:

  • The right kind of tinder that you want
  • The right ignition source
  • How to safely extinguish your fire

There are four stages to building a fire: fire preparation, fire starting, fire maintenance, and fire extinguishing. (…) As your skillset improves, you will have less difficulty starting fires. You won’t even break a sweat thinking about how to get a fire going. 

There’s so much more to know! Are you looking for more tips to help you get that fire going in no time to ward off the chill? Read more here!

SOURCE: Outdoor Life

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