LinkedIn is making a comeback. After declining in popularity for a few years, the professional-oriented social network recently underwent a major design overhaul. It discreetly introduced a series of handy features likely to bring back many users who had drifted away.

These are features that’ll help you more easily find job opportunities, connect with interesting people, hunt down new clients, and make a name for yourself in your industry,” says MakeUseOf‘s Social Media Manager, Rob Nightingale.


MakeUseOf has prepared an article in which you’ll learn how to:

  • publish some long-form content;
  • follow a few influencers;
  • save valuable searches (and receive alerts);
  • discover your earning potential;
  • use boolean search;
  • start instant messaging;
  • keep your connections private;
  • view your post analytics;
  • contact people you aren’t connected with.

SOURCE:  MakeUseOf

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