The summer is here and you’re ready to fire up the barbecue and enjoy a delicious steak or chicken burger. Or both. But do you know how to actually enjoy your barbecue without feeling that you’re making everything up?

There’s a lot more to grilling than meets the eye, but you don’t need to suffer through it. Just make the barbecue work for you!

Details matter

As mentioned in TipHero’s article, “9 Grilling Hacks Every Outdoor Cook Needs”, the key to properly putting your barbecue to work for you is to know the details that require your attention. For example:

  • Know how to tell if your propane tank is full or empty
  • Use fire starters for charcoal barbecues (don’t try to rough it)
  • Put foil-wrapped food in with the coals (to make room for more food on the grill)

There’s a lot more where that came from! Interested in getting more grilling techniques? Take a look at TipHero’s article here!


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