So you finally found the perfect glasses for you? Those stylish frames that perfectly complement your face shape and bring out your unique features. You look and feel great, and you know that this quest was time well spent.

Now comes the part that may be even trickier: making your eyes pop by applying the right makeup, the right way. This is especially challenging for specs-wearers, who must take into consideration the shapes of both their eyes and glasses.

Look amazing with your glasses

To help glasses wearers look their best, TotalBeauty has invited makeup artist Bobbi Brown to share her favorite ideas and tutorials. The article covers just about everything you need to know, from your basic eye makeup toolkit to your makeup Do’s and Don’ts.


Adjust Your Eyeliner to Your Frames

Color Coordinate

Maintain Your Brows


Overwhelm Delicate Frames

Skip the Concealer

Be Afraid to Experiment

SOURCE:  TotalBeauty

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