Most of us are used to the idea of having team meetings online now. But how many of us know how to use the tool properly?

When it comes to Microsoft Teams, as mentioned in Android Authority’s article, “How to use Microsoft Teams: Basic and advanced tutorials”, you can choose to just stick with the basics or learn how the more advanced features work instead.

What’s right for one person may not be right for another, so explore at your own pace!

Microsoft Teams is a productivity and collaboration tool that integrates into the larger Microsoft 365 platform. It has features for communicating with different organizations, private chats with individuals and groups, video meetings and conferences, and more.

Learn the basics on how they work

  • Microsoft Teams basic: Download the app and then create a team or join one. You can make the privacy settings either public or private for just the right amount of protection. You’ll then enter a name and description, and then invite all those who want to join in!
  • Microsoft Teams advanced: If you want to get more in depth, you can learn how to install apps and how to change your team’s background during a meeting. However these are only if you’re getting a bit more comfortable in the use of the apps.

Since we’re all trying things a little differently these days, it can be easy to get lost in some of the more advanced tech talk. Need some more detail to get Microsoft Teams to work for you? Read more here.

SOURCE: Android Authority

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