The movies make it seem like there’s nothing more than simply pointing and shooting to get a professional photo. The professionals – the real-life ones that is – will tell you differently. But you can become a better photographer if you stay realistic about your progress and accept help where you can.

Some of the top photographers spilled a few secrets in Outside’s “6 Ways to Be a Better Photographer, According to Pros”, and they’re as helpful as you’d expect them to be.

There’s no magic wand to wave

While professional shots are incredible even at first glance, the reality is that it’s not about winging it. It’s skill, technique and, of course, practice. Most of their tips are focused on these areas:

  • Know your equipment and how it best works
  • When possible, stay as simple as possible
  • Always be ready

The right shot is right around the corner, you just need to make sure you’re ready with your equipment when it comes. Need more help? Take a look at Outside’s post for more tips!

SOURCE: Outside

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