Smartphones are amazing inventions that can save us a lot of time. When they work. When they don’t, they’re infuriating and expensive hunks of metal and plastic that just cause stress migraines.

Have you ever had a moment where you pick up your Android phone in the morning only to find out that it wasn’t charging all night long like you had thought? Well, before you throw it out the window, try to take a breath and look at these reasons that your phone didn’t charge.

Sensitive devices

Smartphones are so precisely made that they need to be precisely maintained. As noted in Komando‘s original article, “5 ways to fix an Android phone that won’t charge”, there is a checklist that you can run through to help fix your non-charging phone. Highlights include:

  • Making sure the charging port isn’t blocked
  • Examining that the cord isn’t broken
  • Checking if the cube is all the way plugged in to the wall

Since new phones are expensive (as are windows), try to run through these checks before it goes flying across the room. Need more help? Check out Komando‘s post.

SOURCE: Komando

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