Narcissists are everywhere, unfortunately. Quite a few of us have them in our families, workplaces, and even personal and romantic relationships. So, how do you deal with them? It’s all about understanding what you’re really dealing with and accepting it for what it is.

Be realistic

As explained in Stylist’s post, “How to deal with a narcissist when you can’t avoid them, according to a psychologist”, a narcissist isn’t going to be someone who changes. It’s not that they’re unwilling to, but rather, that they’re unable to — this is, you guessed it — part of their narcissism. So, you’ll need to be realistic about a lot of things. Namely:

  • Understand that the other person may not be trying to hurt you
  • Your view of your relationship will need to change if you wish to save it
  • Personal boundaries will be important to enforce
  • Your emotional reactions are rewarding to a narcissist

Experts agree that living with a narcissist can be extremely challenging, but it doesn’t need to be impossible. If you’re in a situation where you can’t, or are not willing, to walk away from them, adapting to it is important. Curious to know more about long-term living with a narcissist? You can read more about it in the original article.

SOURCE: Stylist

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