One click here, one click there. Drag and drop. Scroll up, scroll down. We don’t realize the inordinate amount of time we spend each year moving our cursor from one end of the screen to the other. Yes, we’ve heard of those keyboard shortcuts that are supposedly great, but we seldom use them or use just a few.

Entrepreneur magazine has listed for you 12 of the most helpful shortcuts for the typical Windows user, and provides a reminder of basic shortcuts. These smart tips will make you even more productive than you already are.

Must-know shortcuts

  • Opening and navigating the start menu quickly
  • Switching between apps; opening and closing apps
  • Decluttering your screen
  • Controlling windows
  • Adding a virtual desktop
  • Navigating virtual desktops
  • Asking Cortana (Microsoft’s virtual assistant)
  • Opening the Action Center
  • Customizing your notifications
  • Navigating File Explorer
  • Taking and saving screenshots
  • Zooming in and out

SOURCE:  Entrepreneur

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