There are so many things to teach your kids, and we’ve got to add one more to the list. But this thing is going to make all of the others so much easier!

Time management is one of those intangible skills that will help your little ones become productive adults that know how to keep themselves in check.

It’s easier than you think

In The Soccer Mom Blog’s post, “10 Tricks for Teaching Kids Time Management”, you’ll find that teaching these all too important skills is going to be easier than it sounds. Some of the tips include:

  • Set a routine for different parts of the day: From first thing in the morning to after school and to bedtime, design a routine with tasks to do. These tasks should be in a certain order and have both start and end times. Kids will learn their importance and how managing time works in everyone’s favor.
  • Help them learn how to read time: Since tasks will have both start and end times, make sure they know how to read the time on both a digital clock and an analog clock. This will help them remember the importance of getting everything done on time.
  • Be patient: They won’t get it the first time or even the second time. Be patient with them and celebrate the small victories. This will show them the positive sides of time management instead of the stress of running out of time.

Routines only stick if we actually make them a routine that we do every day. It also shows kids that what we are asking them to do is important. If we regularly disregard our routines or show up late, then kids will learn the opposite of what we are hoping to teach them.

If you like what you’re reading and want to know more about how you can make your kids stronger and more efficient, find more information waiting for you in this article.

SOURCE: The Soccer Mom Blog

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