iPhones are amazing, let’s just get that out there right away. They organize our lives and give us access to just about as much technology as we can possibly handle while we’re at it. But, are you suffering from a cluttered home screen? Especially since the new iOS 14 update? We’re here to help.

Easy one-handed tips for organization

As mentioned in iPhoneLife Magazine’s article, “8 Ways to Declutter & Organize Your iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14”,the newest update has brought some great features, but also clutter anxiety. Here are some of the tips to help deal with it.

  • Make use of your dock space: Your dock is the most frequently accessed spot, so make sure that your favourite apps are there for simple access. Need more than four? Add a folder as one and put your favourites right in it.
  • Delete anything you don’t use regularly: We all have bookmarks or apps that we just don’t use after 2 weeks. Make sure you go through your phone and just delete anything you don’t use.
  • Pick a background that’s easy to look at: Lastly, the background of your home screen may be adding to the chaos. Pick a background that makes it easy to see and distinguish all of the apps.

Still looking for more support? Take a look at the original article here!

SOURCE: iPhoneLife Magazine

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