There’s nothing quite as refreshing as enjoying a good night’s sleep. When you’re looking at making the most out of it, a clean and organized sleeping space could be first on the agenda. It might not feel like the most logical thing to do. After all, shouldn’t a good night’s sleep start lying down? Actually, no.

Good sleep is impossible with distractions

If, when getting into bed at night, we see stressful clutter or boxes that haven’t been unpacked (5 years later), it can interrupt our mental processes and rev up our minds instead of calming them down to sleep.

As mentioned in Good Housekeeping’s article, “The Right Way to Clean Your Bedroom So You Can Sleep Better Than Ever”, a stress-free state of mind and space is important to getting a good sleep.

Take it in steps

Organizing your space and keeping it clean can be overwhelming. So take it in steps and it’ll be easier.

  1. Identify what stresses you out and deal with it first
  2. Wash your sheets every 2 weeks
  3. Try to minimize the visual clutter

There are so many things out there that can lead to mental frustration and stress when you’re trying to sleep, and cleaning and organizing are great ways to help. Need more support? Check out Good Housekeeping’s post here.

SOURCE: Good Housekeeping

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