Dirt gets in the most inconvenient of spots, and it means that many spots in our home constantly feel dirty. If you want to help enjoy a cleaner, safer home for you and all those who visit (eventually), then you’ll need to change your focus areas!

The beauty is in the details

According to the article “33 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Home”, a lot of the cleaning tasks are going to be those tiny details that just get overlooked as you focus on the normal cleaning! Some of the priority spots include:

  • The microwave interior: Conquer it with vinegar, water and a squeeze of lemon!
  • Reusable grocery bags: Stick them in the washing machine or wash them by hand with a sponge and allow them to air-dry
  • Your exterior mats: With a hose and some elbow grease, those bristly and mangy mats are going to look brand new again!

This spring, it’s a good time to take care of these little missed areas that can add up in stress and sheer dirt and grime.

Looking for more information to help you conquer every corner of your home? Find more in Good Housekeeping’s post here!

SOURCE: Good Housekeeping

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