We all have that shriek of dismay when our coffee cup leans a little too far and spills all over our computer. Unlike the movies, however, you don’t need to run around in a frantic state until you’re resigned to go to the store and buy a new one.

In fact, fixing it isn’t as hard as you would think it to be.

Take the logical steps

As Digital Trends mentions in their article, “Spilled water on your laptop? Here’s how to fix it”, you should follow these steps to save your computer, including:

  1. Turn it off and unplug it
  2. Remove anything and everything that you can (battery, mouse, USB sticks, etc.)
  3. Break apart your computer (if your laptop model allows it) and wipe all parts (including outside) to get everything as dry as possible
  4. Leave everything to air dry in a warm area for a few days

If you find that your computer cannot come apart, or you can hear liquid sloshing around in it even if you’ve taken it apart, it might be helpful to bring it to a repair center for professional assistance. For more help, see Digital Trends’ post here.

SOURCE:  Digital Trends

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