To learn how to prioritize, why not follow the same framework that helped a certain Dwight D. Eisenhower achieve success? After all, the United States’ 34th President oversaw the launch of the internet and the first steps of space exploration through NASA, and signed the country’s biggest infrastructure bill up to that time.

To say that he knew how to get things done is an understatement.

Urgent? Important? Both? Neither?

President Eisenhower relied on a simple framework, which categorized all his tasks into four quadrants:

  1. Urgent and important
  2. Important, but not urgent
  3. Urgent, but not important
  4. Not urgent and not important

The Eisenhower Matrix will help you avoid wasting time, resources or mental energy on the wrong things. It’ll help you focus on what counts for extended periods and achieve your goals faster,” according to Forbes’ contributor Bryan Collins. In a recent article, Collins details these four quadrants, providing examples for each.

SOURCE: Forbes

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