Ever wanted to take on the world by bike? You’re not alone! But you do need to prepare yourself for it.

As mentioned in Outdoors Magic’s article, “Bikepacking Guide | Everything You Need To Know”, there is a surprising amount of things as well as general knowledge to be familiar with before you actually put those tires to the ground. This is for both safety and comfort.

The essentials to bikepacking

  • Get a lightweight bag: You’ll need the right bag for your bike. You can find all sorts of options online, now, that are going to offer you easy, lightweight storage and comfort perks, too. And once you selected the one you need, you have to learn to pack it right.
  • Get used to your bike: While you can get a new bike to take on the adventure in front of you, don’t forget that you need to get used to it! If you’ve been riding the same bike for years and years and you love it, just get it tuned up and in top shape, and use that one!
  • Carefully plan your route: The route that you plan needs to be meticulous and careful and selective, so you can make sure you don’t wind up in a bad place at the wrong time! Since weather is only predictable to a certain degree and detours happen, knowing multiple routes is also a great idea, even if it’s just to orient you.

Can’t wait to hit the road? Find out more about the details here so that you can make sure you really are ready to take on the world!

SOURCE: Outdoors Magic

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