When you choose a dog breed, you should not limit yourself to the physical characteristics of the animal. Even if they are important, they remain secondary.

The choice of breed must above all be made according to your lifestyle. As long as you meet your pet’s needs, whether physical, social, intellectual or olfactory, there is no reason why education should be complicated.

Finding the perfect dog for you

Nevertheless, some dog breeds are easier to own than others. To help you select the dog that’s right for you, Top Greater has come up with a list of the 21 breeds that are the easiest to have, based on information from the American Kennel Club. They have taken into account various important traits, such as intelligence, willingness to follow instructions, energy level, temperament, and grooming needs.

Have you finished guessing what those 21 breeds are? Ready to find out? Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Basset hound   Collie   Miniature schnauzer
Beagle   Corgi   Mutt  
Bichon frisé   French bulldog   Papillon  
Border terrier   German shepherd  Poodle  
Bulldog   Italian greyhound  Pug  
Cavalier King Charles spaniel Labrador retriever Rottweiler  
Chihuahua   Maltese   Shetland sheepdog

Taking care of your canine friend

Once you’ve made a decision on the breed you want, you have to become an awesome master/parent. To help you achieve that goal, Top Greater provides 17 tips to take proper care of your new pet:

  1. Convert a storage table into a cool pet crate
  2. Use tweezers if your pup gets a tick
  3. Make a dog tongue brush
  4. Make your own dog shampoo
  5. Prevent demolished power cords and shocked puppets with bitter apple spray
  6. Treat even minor cuts to prevent infection
  7. Put a ball in your dog’s food bowl if he or she eats too fast
  8. Transform an old pair of cargo shorts into a dog-cooling vest
  9. Give your dog Benadryl and use baking soda paste to help with bee stings
  10. Use pumpkin to help with constipation
  11. Feed your dog a chicken and rice combo if he or she has diarrhea
  12. Get rid of static electricity in your pup’s coat with a dryer sheet
  13. Use simple chemistry to get rid of the skunk smell
  14. Make a simple water dispenser
  15. Use hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting
  16. Make a DIY dog toothbrush
  17. Protect your pup’s paws in the winter with Vaseline

For details on each of these lifehacks and to learn what makes the above-mentioned dog breeds easier to own, take a look at Top Greater‘s post.

SOURCE: Top Greater

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