Whether it’s your grandmother, a well-intentioned friend, or Google, you’ve probably heard how “easy” it is to get a good night’s sleep even with a newborn at home using method A, B or C to help you.  Single parent or no, you probably also know that a lot of those methods probably don’t work for no other reason than they simply don’t. So, the question remains: how do sleep and a newborn baby co-exist?

A new sleep schedule

According to a recent post in The Offspring, a sleep schedule with a newborn does shift dramatically, but getting a good amount of sleep is possible when you shift your understanding of how to get it.

Think about sleep in a different way:

  • Focus on quality of sleep instead of quantity. 3 hours of deep sleep is better than 8 hours of restless sleep.
  • Remember that being sleep-deprived will impact your baby’s health as well as your own.
  • You can adapt your schedule as you go. It isn’t set in stone.

Whether it’s external help, understanding how sleep should be a priority, or some combination of the two, The Offspring‘s post is sure to enlighten you to sleeping tips that actually make a difference.

SOURCE: The Offspring

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