Storage is just one of those things that you absolutely cannot have enough of. From closets to drawers, it’s often one of those never-ending cycles when it comes to making use of a small space. If you’re looking for better storage options, you’re not alone.

It’s all in the details

As mentioned in Byrdie’s article, “5 Bathroom Organizers Fit for the Biggest Beauty Hoarders”, you don’t need a huge storage cabinet to be smart about what you put in there. You just need to be smart about the organization add-ons that you rely on. For example:

  • Organize your products into categories
  • Have a container/holder for each category
  • Make sure all containers can be seen from a glance

It’s so strange to think that you can organize a large amount of products with just a few smaller divided organizers, but it’s true. It’s all about the storage techniques that you put to use. You can find more of what you want in Byrdie’s post.

SOURCE: Byrdie

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