Most adults don’t get enough sleep. Or, if you are finding that you’re getting the 7-8 hours, it’s not as restful as it could be. This is normal with all the mental calculating and physical distractions that are present in most of our lives.

If you want to enjoy your sheets and pillows even more, here are some of the best tips for getting that restful sleep.

It doesn’t take big changes

As explained in Marie Claire’s article, “This Is How to Sleep Better, According to Experts”, your key to a restful sleep could be in making small changes that will help you wake up and feeling refreshed every morning. Top options include:

  • Making your bed each morning
  • Changing your sheets often
  • Avoid naps throughout the day
  • Avoid your cell phone when in bed

There are so many ways that you can enhance your sleep to help you feel better and be healthier, too. Looking for more? Check out Marie Claire’s article here to see what else you can do.

SOURCE: Marie Claire

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