Unless you live in a fictional world or with fictional people, there’s not really anything about dealing with in-laws that is simple. Maybe they’re protective of their child (aka your partner) or maybe they simply don’t like being around you for one reason or another.

It’s a scary and hard situation to be in, and the truth is that there is no “perfect” way to do it. But there are ways to make it better.

It’s all about communication

As Greatist elaborates in their article, “12 Ways to Make Hanging With Your Partner’s Family Much Less Terrible”, communication is the key in both talking to your partner, and their parents and family to make sure that all of the awkwardness gets out of the way. For example:

  • Ask your partner questions about off-limit topics
  • Ask them to stay with you throughout the visit
  • Hold your own if their parents start to ask uncomfortable questions about you or your relationship

Parents can often come across as being pesky and judgemental, but even if they’re total jerks, you need to have some sort of relationship with them. Need more tips? Check out Greatist‘s post.

SOURCE: Greatist

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