After the wedding, the reality is that more and more couples end up divorcing a shockingly short time later. It seems that no one is together with their original spouse by the end of their life.

While that may be a good thing for some, it also leads some romantics to fear that there is no such thing as a successful marriage any longer.

The reality is that there is hope for your marriage. You just need to approach it with realistic expectations, as explained in TipHero‘s “These 7 Unrealistic Marriage Expectations Could Destroy Your Relationship”.

Two separate people joined together

We all want to have the picture perfect, do-everything-together marriage. But this dream scenario is often what causes a separation down the road. Instead, TipHero reminds us that:

  • Each person has their own interests and hobbies that don’t necessarily line up with their partner’s
  • Having your own space provides room to miss each other in a good way
  • It’s never a good idea to bad-mouth the in-laws; they’re the reason your partner even exists

Marriage can take a lot of effort and some ways may be easier than others, but focusing on a healthy relationship will reap many benefits both short- and long-term.


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