Of all household chores, laundry ranks among the trickiest. Washing clothes and linen can be more complicated than it seems at first sight. If we’re not careful, we can ruin a perfect white shirt in a matter of seconds, or a stunning sweater over a couple of weeks of improper care. But with basic knowledge and a minimum of preparation, anyone can master this task easily.

Whether you’re new at this or not, it’s always a good idea to become acquainted with laundry best practices. To make it easier for you to learn all this, AskMen has put together a comprehensive guide that covers the whole process from A to Z:

  • washing frequency;
  • sorting laundry;
  • pretreating stains
  • pre-wash prep;
  • washing machine settings;
  • detergent selection;
  • drying clothes;
  • folding clothes.


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