Parents have a lot of their plates even under normal circumstances, but now the coronavirus pandemic has heightened it even more. Learning how to stay calm around your kids even as fear runs high is going to be critical for keeping your kids safe physically as well as emotionally.

Children are not mini adults

As mentioned in US News’ article, “Calm Parenting Will Help Children Through Coronavirus Pandemic”, children don’t always express their emotions well without prompting. Take a look at some tips to help promote their comfort throughout the pandemic:

  • Limit their exposure
  • Encourage them to communicate their feelings
  • Hide your own fear as best as you can when they are scared too

“Parents can focus on sharing actionable information, such as when and how to wear face masks and how to practice social distancing, rather than stress-inducing information like the number of COVID-related deaths or the names of celebrities who test positive.”

Remember that your children are watching you to see how you react to the pandemic as well. This means that proper parenting, now more than ever, is going to be critical to get right. Find more information in the original article here.


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