It’s easy to assume that we’re already taking proper care of our homes. After all, they look great and there’s no clear sign that anything is wrong or overlooked, right?

However, looking below the surface can quickly destroy that assumption.

It’s the things you can’t see that matter

When it comes to home maintenance, sometimes the problem areas are going to be in the details that you can’t see and, as a result, don’t think about.

Some of the commonly missed places, as noted in The Washington Post’s article, “10 important maintenance tasks that experts say many homeowners miss”, include:

  • Exhaust fans: From bathroom to kitchen stove and beyond, these easily collect dirt and prevent themselves from working well.
  • Sediment flushing: Mostly applying to hot water heaters, flushing your tank can help keep your system working better for longer. This will help remove sediment build-up.
  • Tree branches: Outside your home, make sure you watch for almost fallen trees or flimsy tree branches that could come down on power lines or even your home or car.

For more guidance, and to find out what the 7 other tasks are, take a look at The Washington Post’s article.

SOURCE: The Washington Post

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