Lately, it seems as though every single day brings a new shooting or terrorist attack or natural disaster to some part of the world. Since the internet is a thing, we all know about it immediately. This means that the bad news – the tough stuff, that is – is now in our homes and that means it can be accessible to young eyes and ears, even if it’s second hand.

That brings up the concern on how to deal with it effectively, but safely, to make sure our little ones stay calm and feel safe in their world.

With this tough news, Parenting’s “How to Talk to Kids About Scary News” is ready to help parents find a way to talk openly about the bad things that are happening in the news around the world.

Your kid will find out

No one wants to think that their little one is going to hear about a terrorist attack on a shopping mall across the world, but it is going to happen at some point. It’s best to prepare yourself by knowing how to handle it when it does come up in a random situation, as things often do with children.

  1. Understand what your child is asking about
  2. Keep your own emotions in check
  3. Try to limit the news in your home

It’s hard to think that your children have to know about the bad, hard events going on in our world, but it’s as much about helping them understand as it is about the news itself.

More advice and tips are available with Parenting’s post.

SOURCE: Parenting

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