Whether it was your parent, an older sibling, or simply your own inner voice, there’s often guilt associated with doing nothing. As you get older, more and more pressure builds up whenever we take a moment to catch our breath, leaving us scurrying to get back to notice before – gasp – someone notices.

But, as mentioned in Southern Living‘s article titled “Why Doing Nothing Should Be on Your To-Do List”, there are actually a lot of benefits to taking some downtime regularly in your day.

It promotes success

Through a myriad of ways, carving out time for yourself can be helpful to giving yourself the best chance at being successful. Here’s how:

  • It boosts creativity
  • It can help problem-solve
  • It may help promote positivity in your life

There are a lot of different ways that you can enjoy your downtime, too. Some of the highlights include:

  • Going for a walk in nature
  • Disconnecting from social media
  • Ignoring your phone after hours

Like what you’re reading? Want to learn more about how being lazy is actually good for you? Take a look at Southern Living‘s full post here.

SOURCE: Southern Living

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